What’s your problem?

No one is going to tell you what your biggest problem is. If you stink, no one wants to be the one to tell you to take a shower. If your fly’s open, no one wants to be the one to tell you to zip up. And when you have some strongly held but deeply ignorant belief, no one wants to waste their time and breath convincing you that you’re an idiot.

If you’re going to figure out why things are going wrong, you’re going to have to develop some acute self-awareness.

One Response to “What’s your problem?”

  1. January 11th, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Completely agree. It’s hard to actually think bout what you do and don’t do very well and quite often a problem is recognised the hard way. Even then it’s natural to convince yourself you are right and they are wrong.

    As a designer I often sit back and look at what is and isn’t working as if I were viewing my work through someone else’s eyes. When you get the hang of this it does often work when looking at everything else in your life.

    First time I’ve been on your blog, I love these little posts.

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