Design that helps nobody

The most striking thing about this bench is that the seat is angled towards the ground. To sit here, you have to brace yourself with your feet, which causes strain and discomfort. The seat is also very narrow and has a back that offers very little support.

If I was designing a bench, my main consideration would be providing comfort. From that perspective, this design fails. In fact, it is perverse.

Was the bench designed to prevent loitering? Then why have a bench at all? Was it designed to prevent the homeless from sleeping there? Why?

In trying to solve some particular problem, the design has been mangled so much that it no longer functions well as anything.

One Response to “Design that helps nobody”

  1. calypte
    February 11th, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    It does look like subtle torture, doesn’t it? A plank of wood across to pillars would be better!

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