Aim higher, not lower

When Apple first brought out the iPad it was much cheaper than the pundits predicted. That has presented a real challenge to their competitors to produce a comparable product for the same cost or cheaper.

With the HP Touchpad selling well now that it is being sold off from most outlets at a very reduced price, the reaction seems to be that HP would have done well to make a loss on each unit sold which they could then recoup somehow. On apps maybe, or future versions of the hardware.

What’s striking to me is that no one has suggested that anyone try to out-Apple Apple and aim higher. HP had a real opportunity with WebOS to make a product not just comparable to Apple’s but better. What if another company tried to create a tablet double the price of the iPad, with better hardware, better features and a well-polished OS?

What other tablet makers should be learning from Apple is that you don’t have to worry about recouping anything if your product makes a profit in the first place because it is worth buying. The reaction to Apple’s strategy doesn’t have to be to undercut them, it could always inspire you to aim higher.

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